The Last of Christmas

Here are just a few more of the Christmas cookies from 2012.

IMG_1051 red and green xmasIMG_0946 Joy and pointy ornaments


Winter Cookies

I have been working on some winter and Christmas themed sets for friends.  Here are the blue and white ones.  I meant to also make a winter scene cookie, but never got around to it.

IMG_0819 blue white red winterIMG_0831 snowflakes better

And here are the more traditional green and reds – I mangled a metal bat cookie cutter to make the holly leaves:

IMG_0843 owls trees hollyIMG_0850 Christmas TreesIMG_0858 green and redcollection



Not So Mellow Yellow

I made this set for my dear friend Amy’s son Andrew, who just turned six.  His favorite color is yellow, and he really likes cheetahs.  I told Amy I would *try* a cheetah, and you can kind of tell that this was a first effort.  My biggest problem with the cheetah was that I used a bear cutter for the full bodied guy – once I started decorating I realized that the shape was totally wrong, so I tried to compensate and that didn’t work out so well. I ended up with a disproportionate animal.  Hopefully Andrew won’t mind.

Also, I think I have a block against yellow. It is my second least favorite color, and I couldn’t get inspired about it.  I really wish I had been able to make a spectacular set for Andrew, but it just didn’t happen.  I think the whole set would have looked better if I’d outlined everything in black first.  Maybe next year!

IMG_0688 initials and cheetahIMG_0690 cheetah with letter A smIMG_0695 Andrew yellow 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I had every intention of making lots of Thanksgiving cookies to give and send to friends, and then I got strep throat and all bets were off.  I even have a few dozen baked, undecorated turkeys and leaves that are going to waste.  Yes, they’re still sitting on the counter taunting me – I can’t bring myself to throw them away.  Since my least favorite part of the whole process is making and rolling out the dough  it pains me that I never got to decorate those cookies.  Here are some that I did manage to decorate.

IMG_0648 2012 Thanksgiving



A friend of a friend asked me to do this set for her son who was turning five.  I am pretty sure I kind of butchered poor Sensei Wu.  For the ninjas I used a circle cutter and the bottom half of an acorn cutter.  I worried they might be weak at the seam, but I didn’t have any problem piecing those two pieces together.  Sensei Wu is a Christmas tree and a square cutter pieced together and kind of hand shaped.   The birthday boy’s name is spelled out using throwing stars, AKA mini snowflake cutters.  I wish I had taken the time to thin my gray icing a little before I did the stars.

Based on my previous experience doing a Ninjago set, I worried a bit about the eyes.  I wanted them to look uniform and also to be faithful to what the Lego guys look like, so I made black eye transfers on wax paper and let them dry overnight.  Then I made a yellow mask transfer on wax paper and dropped the black eyes in while the yellow was still wet.  After letting the eyes and mask dry overnight on the wax paper, I was able to just drop the yellow piece with eyes onto the wet Ninjago faces. Although it took time and planning in advance, the final assembly was super easy, and I didn’t have to worry about messing up a whole cookie by not getting the eyes right.  The mask wrinkle lines were added using edible marker.




Baby Wyatt is One!

I made these for my friend Melissa’s son Wyatt.  The poor baby boy has so many food allergies that he couldn’t actually taste a cookie, but the other kids (and grownup kids) enjoyed them.  My daughter’s friends Jack and Daniel ran down the stairs to the play room with their cookies to tell me thanks for the cookies.  I also made some mostly dye-free pigs as favors so that even my daughter could enjoy a sweet treat (just the eyes have dye).

One of the things I like most about this set is that I didn’t use animal cutters – instead I used just circles and an Easter egg, and I hand cut the barn.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with the horse and cows, but I think you can at least still tell what they’re supposed to be.

Mod Construction

Baby Torren is two!  His mom threw a construction themed party without traditional construction colors.  I was a bit crunched for time with this set.  If I had to do it over again, I would have kept it much more simple with just the trucks on a white background instead of the scenes.

I relied heavily on this tutorial. As Callye states in the tutorial, chevron cookies are kind of addictive to make (while also being a bit of a pain in the rear).

PS – This post was much better written the first time around – every time I try to write a post in the quick post area I lose it.  I still don’t know my way around WordPress too well.