Scrabble Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the end of July, and I wanted to make them some cookies in honor of the occasion.  Actually, I wanted to throw a party, but they’re holding out for a 50 year bash instead.   As usual, I had grand plans about what cookies to make, but I had to scale it down due to time constraints.  I settled on making them some Scrabble tile cookies with an anniversary message.   I chose Scrabble because my parents played the game so often in their younger years that my mom memorized all of the wood grain patterns on the back of the tiles so that she could choose the letters she wanted.  Our family isn’t competitive at. all.  I’m not sure how my dad caught on, but now when they play, all the tiles go into a brown paper bag to assure a level playing field.


Wedding Shower Cookies

My cousin Kathy got married earlier this year.  We originally wanted to host a shower for her, but she had so many friends, family and coworkers already hosting showers that I ended up just offering to make cookie favors for all the guests.

I first made some apron cookies to match the shower invitation.

Then I got worried that I didn’t have enough cookies to go around, so I decided to try my hand at some monogram cookies.


I also made a bouquet in my cousin’s wedding colors (sage and black) and theme (calla lilies) to take home, too.  The bouquet assembly was a little hasty, and my grandmother’s freezer in the corner of a dimly lit kitchen at midnight was not an ideal photo setup, but something is better than nothing, right?