Doxies and Derby

One of our dearest friends and one of the coolest people I know in Houston celebrated her birthday last week.  Of course, I didn’t get around to making her cookies until this week, but better late than never.  Chrissy (AKA Carmen Geddit) is one of the founding members of  the Houston Roller Derby flat track team, which pretty much makes her a roller derby rockstar.  Outside of derby, she has two other loves – Rockett and Bullett, her daschund boys.

I waffled on whether to go for derby cookies (including skates that don’t match the team colors) or doxie cookies and ended up just doing both for fun, so this set is going to look like a crazy mess.  It’s the first time I’ve done large royal icing transfers, and though I wasn’t 100% happy with them, they’re a start in the right direction.