Thanksgiving 2012

I had every intention of making lots of Thanksgiving cookies to give and send to friends, and then I got strep throat and all bets were off.  I even have a few dozen baked, undecorated turkeys and leaves that are going to waste.  Yes, they’re still sitting on the counter taunting me – I can’t bring myself to throw them away.  Since my least favorite part of the whole process is making and rolling out the dough  it pains me that I never got to decorate those cookies.  Here are some that I did manage to decorate.

IMG_0648 2012 Thanksgiving




Around Thanksgiving I hosted a Shutterfly House Party, and wanted to include some cookies on the buffet table.  Since I made dinner for all my guests, I needed a cookie that was a bit less time intensive than normal decorated cookies, so I came up with these guys.  I loved making them – they were so, so easy since I used a wet on wet technique for the feathers.  They were 3Dish since I stacked three circles together, and I loved that I could use just a chocolate, undecorated cookie as the head and body so that I didn’t have to cover the cookies in gross tasting icing – in case you didn’t know, brown and red and fall colors in general often require more dye to get deep colors, so the icing has a distinct “ick” taste to it.   I used just a bit of chocolate royal icing as the “glue” to hold the cookie layers together.  



Gobble, Gobble!

When I was making these, I thought I had a turkey cookie cutter, but then I couldn’t find it, so I ended up just using a standard flower/daisy cutter.  Embarrassingly, I actually DID have the turkey cookie cutter, but I wasn’t organized enough to know where it was at the time.

Also, I think I have a “thing” for marbling royal icing.  It’s an easy technique, but can look really impressive.  Even though there is definitely lots of room for improvement with these cookies and my photography, these remain one of my all time favorite cookie designs.

For the record, I am now putting my business consultant Microsoft Excel skills to use, and I have a spreadsheet of all the cutters I own so that I’ll not drive my self crazy in the future.  That is, if I can remember the spreadsheet in my times of need…