Halloween Take 3

Apparently I really like to make Halloween cookies!  here are just a few more.  The pumpkins were made using natural orange dye (Seelect Tea),  For the pumpkin stems I just added some cocoa powder to my royal icing.  It’s such a stark contrast to see the natural pumpkins next to the bright orange artificial cat jack o’lantern.



More Halloween

I decided to play around a bit with silhouettes.  Unfortunately I took these photos at night, inside, on a very reflective plate, and no amount of photo editing that I am capable of can help the quality of the pictures.


Ducky Halloween

I think that string of birthday parties for kids broke my cookie making inspiration for a few months.  But I’m back!  I had a lot of fun making these ducks.  I also made a dracula duck that I’m too embarrassed to show.  I was in a bit of a hurry when I mixed the icing, so my piping’s not so great for this set, but I think this idea has lots of potential – scarecrow duck, pilgrim duck, etc.  I would have added a broom or wand to the witch/wizard, but I ran out of time.