Natural Dye Cookies

I finally succumbed and purchased a set of natural food colorings from Seelect Tea and sprinkles from India Tree.  I have posted a few photos of cookies made with the India Tree natural colorings you can buy at Whole Foods, but I was pretty disappointed in the blue.

The India Tree blue is more of a periwinkle or gray, and you can’t really use the blue and yellow together to get a nice green. The Seelect Tea colorings are definitely an improvement.  There’s still an obvious difference between the subdued hues of the natural colorings as compared to the bright and vibrant petroleum based dyes, but I am just thrilled that I can now make cookies for my daughter again.

Today I poked my head into Williams-Sonoma and was delighted to find that they had natural sprinkles too.  I hope that more naturally based ingredients will become more common (and cheaper!).

The butterflies below were made with all of the Seelect Tea colors.  The other cookies are all from the India Tree set – I am just trying to play catch up with photos.  Some day I will learn to take a good cookie photo (and to pick better cookies for the photos).

I realize the above set is a bit of an odd grouping of shapes and themes.  I made it to help raise money for my daughter’s school during their Peace, Love and Bugs festival.  The peace symbols as wheels idea came from mitsel8 on Flickr.