Penguin Party

My daughter decided she wanted to have a penguin birthday party this year. The party took place in September, but we actually have snow in Atlanta right now, so these seemed apropos for the occasion.

IMG_4828 penguin snowflakes Sammy cookies IMG_4834 penguins igloo snowflake IMG_4842 penguins and snowflakes IMG_4860 Sam holding cookie


A Natural Easter

I wanted to make some Easter treats that my daughter could eat, and I also needed a hostess gift for a beach trip we took at Easter, so I made this set of natural dye bunnies and eggs.  I love the way some of the bunnies turned out – the orange one with the sunshine eye is one of my favorites.

IMG_2005 nat eggs asst oval IMG_2003 nat eggs asst IMG_1986 bunnies only kind of blurry

Natural Dye Cookies

I finally succumbed and purchased a set of natural food colorings from Seelect Tea and sprinkles from India Tree.  I have posted a few photos of cookies made with the India Tree natural colorings you can buy at Whole Foods, but I was pretty disappointed in the blue.

The India Tree blue is more of a periwinkle or gray, and you can’t really use the blue and yellow together to get a nice green. The Seelect Tea colorings are definitely an improvement.  There’s still an obvious difference between the subdued hues of the natural colorings as compared to the bright and vibrant petroleum based dyes, but I am just thrilled that I can now make cookies for my daughter again.

Today I poked my head into Williams-Sonoma and was delighted to find that they had natural sprinkles too.  I hope that more naturally based ingredients will become more common (and cheaper!).

The butterflies below were made with all of the Seelect Tea colors.  The other cookies are all from the India Tree set – I am just trying to play catch up with photos.  Some day I will learn to take a good cookie photo (and to pick better cookies for the photos).

I realize the above set is a bit of an odd grouping of shapes and themes.  I made it to help raise money for my daughter’s school during their Peace, Love and Bugs festival.  The peace symbols as wheels idea came from mitsel8 on Flickr. 

Character Cookies

Summer is birthday season, and this year I had some more requests for characters. Even though I say I won’t do characters, these were all for friends and I have a hard time saying no.  I made an aging Yoda set for my former boss, and a Ninjago cookie inspired by a gingerbread ninja cookie on Pinterest.   My friend made fortunes for the packaging and they turned out really nicely.

I also made two different set of Hello Kitty cookies which were coincidentally both for girls named Kate.   I finally figured out the secret to Hello Kitty’s eyes and nose – I wasn’t at all satisfied with the first set of kitties, and for the second set I realized I could make royal icing transfer eyes and just drop them on.  You can really tell the difference.

Shoes and Purses

One of my husband’s coworkers celebrated a birthday over Labor Day, so I sent her a little cookie care package.  Her favorite colors are blue and bronze, so I attempted to incorporate those into this set.  My bronze ended up looking more gold than anything, but she enjoyed them nonetheless! I do not have a purse cookie cutter, so I hand cut some of the shapes, and used a bent cancer awareness ribbon (previously used as a rocket) and a D cutter for others. That D cutter is useful for so much more than I ever anticipated!

Doxies and Derby

One of our dearest friends and one of the coolest people I know in Houston celebrated her birthday last week.  Of course, I didn’t get around to making her cookies until this week, but better late than never.  Chrissy (AKA Carmen Geddit) is one of the founding members of  the Houston Roller Derby flat track team, which pretty much makes her a roller derby rockstar.  Outside of derby, she has two other loves – Rockett and Bullett, her daschund boys.

I waffled on whether to go for derby cookies (including skates that don’t match the team colors) or doxie cookies and ended up just doing both for fun, so this set is going to look like a crazy mess.  It’s the first time I’ve done large royal icing transfers, and though I wasn’t 100% happy with them, they’re a start in the right direction.