Thanksgiving 2012

I had every intention of making lots of Thanksgiving cookies to give and send to friends, and then I got strep throat and all bets were off.  I even have a few dozen baked, undecorated turkeys and leaves that are going to waste.  Yes, they’re still sitting on the counter taunting me – I can’t bring myself to throw them away.  Since my least favorite part of the whole process is making and rolling out the dough  it pains me that I never got to decorate those cookies.  Here are some that I did manage to decorate.

IMG_0648 2012 Thanksgiving



Halloween Take 3

Apparently I really like to make Halloween cookies!  here are just a few more.  The pumpkins were made using natural orange dye (Seelect Tea),  For the pumpkin stems I just added some cocoa powder to my royal icing.  It’s such a stark contrast to see the natural pumpkins next to the bright orange artificial cat jack o’lantern.


Ducky Halloween

I think that string of birthday parties for kids broke my cookie making inspiration for a few months.  But I’m back!  I had a lot of fun making these ducks.  I also made a dracula duck that I’m too embarrassed to show.  I was in a bit of a hurry when I mixed the icing, so my piping’s not so great for this set, but I think this idea has lots of potential – scarecrow duck, pilgrim duck, etc.  I would have added a broom or wand to the witch/wizard, but I ran out of time.

Isaac’s Owls

My friend Karen and I both have a thing for owls.   Two years ago she and her daughter attended my daughter’s owl-themed birthday party.  Almost a year later, she and her husband adopted a handsome baby boy from Korea.  It turns out that their son Isaac was actually born on the day Karen and Kate attended my daughter’s owl-themed birthday party.  Are you still with me?

Fast forward a year later – Karen threw an owl-themed party for Isaac’s second birthday.  Unfortunately we were unable to attend the party, but I jumped at the chance to make a bunch of owls for such a special family.  The brown owls match the birthday banner, and the brightly colored owls match some finger puppets included in the treat bags.  Since I didn’t have an owl cutter, I used tulips instead, an idea inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.

Fall Festival Cookies

I know it’s May, but I want to document some of the cookies I’ve made over the past few months.  I decided to make a decorated cookie platter for my daughter’s school fall festival.  For the acorns I ended up using chocolate royal icing, because at the time I only had a few gel colors to tint the icing with.  I was also still experimenting with the cookie and icing recipes, but this batch of cookies was not too bad!