A friend of a friend asked me to do this set for her son who was turning five.  I am pretty sure I kind of butchered poor Sensei Wu.  For the ninjas I used a circle cutter and the bottom half of an acorn cutter.  I worried they might be weak at the seam, but I didn’t have any problem piecing those two pieces together.  Sensei Wu is a Christmas tree and a square cutter pieced together and kind of hand shaped.   The birthday boy’s name is spelled out using throwing stars, AKA mini snowflake cutters.  I wish I had taken the time to thin my gray icing a little before I did the stars.

Based on my previous experience doing a Ninjago set, I worried a bit about the eyes.  I wanted them to look uniform and also to be faithful to what the Lego guys look like, so I made black eye transfers on wax paper and let them dry overnight.  Then I made a yellow mask transfer on wax paper and dropped the black eyes in while the yellow was still wet.  After letting the eyes and mask dry overnight on the wax paper, I was able to just drop the yellow piece with eyes onto the wet Ninjago faces. Although it took time and planning in advance, the final assembly was super easy, and I didn’t have to worry about messing up a whole cookie by not getting the eyes right.  The mask wrinkle lines were added using edible marker.





Character Cookies

Summer is birthday season, and this year I had some more requests for characters. Even though I say I won’t do characters, these were all for friends and I have a hard time saying no.  I made an aging Yoda set for my former boss, and a Ninjago cookie inspired by a gingerbread ninja cookie on Pinterest.   My friend made fortunes for the packaging and they turned out really nicely.

I also made two different set of Hello Kitty cookies which were coincidentally both for girls named Kate.   I finally figured out the secret to Hello Kitty’s eyes and nose – I wasn’t at all satisfied with the first set of kitties, and for the second set I realized I could make royal icing transfer eyes and just drop them on.  You can really tell the difference.

To Infinibee and Beyond!

No, that’s not a typo!  Last summer my two year old daughter and her good friend Daniel would say, “To infinibee and beeyond!” before jumping off the side of the pool.  I made these Toy Story-esque cookies for Daniel’s fourth birthday.  His mom asked for stars as cookie favors, and I told her I would try to make some cookies for a platter if I had time.  I ended up violating my rule about not doing character cookies because I wanted to surprise Daniel, so I ended up with Mr. Potato Head, Buzz, a little green alien and Woody.




May the Icing be With You

I finally had a chance to try out my Williams Sonoma Star Wars cutters.  I married into a family of geeks, but have to admit that I have no interest whatsoever in Star Wars, Star Trek, or Stargate.  I made a few SW cookies for my nephew’s birthday at the end of July.  He informed me that Yoda is green, not gray.  To my discerning eye, the color I used for Yoda is quite similar to the movie photos I found of him – kind of a murky, swampy green color, also known to thirteen year olds as gray.  I’m pretty sure that all of those marketers of Star Wars merchandise have it wrong.  Right?