Camping Cookies

An online friend of mine contacted me about doing some cookies for her son’s camping themed 4th birthday.  Since I need all the practice I can get, I said of course!   The tent with feet was inspired by Rollin’ In Dough.  I had fun adding the little mini royal icing transfer bears to the campsites. If I have the chance to do this set again, I think I would stick some owls in the trees.  It’s such a fun theme – the possibilities are endless.

I am really excited about this set of cookies, with one huge exception.  I totally screwed up the dough, but didn’t realize it until after I had spent hours and hours decorating them.  At the last minute I had to add some sugar cookies just so people would know that they can taste good and look good too.   I really wish I had enough time to redo them, but some of these designs are too time consuming.  Lesson learned.  Now I MUST eat several test cookies before proceeding with decorating.  My waistline is not going to be happy…