Penguin Party

My daughter decided she wanted to have a penguin birthday party this year. The party took place in September, but we actually have snow in Atlanta right now, so these seemed apropos for the occasion.

IMG_4828 penguin snowflakes Sammy cookies IMG_4834 penguins igloo snowflake IMG_4842 penguins and snowflakes IMG_4860 Sam holding cookie


A Natural Easter

I wanted to make some Easter treats that my daughter could eat, and I also needed a hostess gift for a beach trip we took at Easter, so I made this set of natural dye bunnies and eggs.  I love the way some of the bunnies turned out – the orange one with the sunshine eye is one of my favorites.

IMG_2005 nat eggs asst oval IMG_2003 nat eggs asst IMG_1986 bunnies only kind of blurry

Thanksgiving 2012

I had every intention of making lots of Thanksgiving cookies to give and send to friends, and then I got strep throat and all bets were off.  I even have a few dozen baked, undecorated turkeys and leaves that are going to waste.  Yes, they’re still sitting on the counter taunting me – I can’t bring myself to throw them away.  Since my least favorite part of the whole process is making and rolling out the dough  it pains me that I never got to decorate those cookies.  Here are some that I did manage to decorate.

IMG_0648 2012 Thanksgiving


Baby Wyatt is One!

I made these for my friend Melissa’s son Wyatt.  The poor baby boy has so many food allergies that he couldn’t actually taste a cookie, but the other kids (and grownup kids) enjoyed them.  My daughter’s friends Jack and Daniel ran down the stairs to the play room with their cookies to tell me thanks for the cookies.  I also made some mostly dye-free pigs as favors so that even my daughter could enjoy a sweet treat (just the eyes have dye).

One of the things I like most about this set is that I didn’t use animal cutters – instead I used just circles and an Easter egg, and I hand cut the barn.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with the horse and cows, but I think you can at least still tell what they’re supposed to be.