Preppy Birthday

A friend of a friend contacted me months in advance to see if I could do cookies for her son’s first birthday party.  She had seen the camping cookies I did and wanted to make sure I  could make some cookies for her son’s party, even though she didn’t yet have a theme when she contacted me.  She ended up throwing a fabulous “pop your collar” preppy party.

I handcut some of the cookies so that I could do a few popped collar polos.  The alligator was a custom cutter ordered to match the party invitation.  I loved working with such a fun theme, but these cookies did give me a few problems.  I had a hard time getting the nice, deep navy and green colors that I wanted without oversaturating the icing.  I finally ended up mixing the colors with my KitchenAid, and I think overmixing introduced too much air and caused some drying issues.

Another challenge was matching the party invitation pattern. I ended up making my own stencil, tracing the pattern in edible marker and covering it with icing.  Unfortunately I had a lot going on when I made this set, so didn’t get the photos to do them justice. Trust me – they really were cute!



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