Graduation Cookies

I donated a cookie gift certificate to a local school here for their silent auction, and was so excited when I got the call for it to be redeemed.   The client needed a high school graduation cookie bouquet in a hurry, but luckily she was open to whatever design I could manage to pull off over the weekend in between all the craziness that has been going on in our lives lately.  The school’s mascot was a lion and their colors were red and white.

Luckily I was able to find a mortar board cookie cutter locally, but I had no such luck with a diploma cutter.  So, I ended up bending my Wilton present cutter (the one I struggled with so much for the beach cookies) into a rough diploma shape.  Since the request was for a bouquet, I had to do cookies on a stick, and the diploma shape I made just kept every time I tried to move them the least bit.  Since I was a bit short on time, I decided to just do stars and mortar boards for the bouquet, then add some diplomas for a platter.

As usual, my photos aren’t the best.  My camera has been dropped one too  many times, and I was in too much of a hurry to stage the cookies.

As usual, I there are definitely things I would do differently the next time.  I let my red sit overnight to develop the color, but it was too orangey the next morning.  Since I needed to get started quickly I added maroon to the red and ended up going a little overboard.  The icing matched the school colors perfectly when wet, but dried a bit dark.  It also tasted bitter because I ran out of my no taste red.  I also felt like I couldn’t quite get the lion right.  I want to experiment with this a bit, because I think it could be a really neat use of marbling and/or brush embroidery technique.  Lastly, I think I probably should have baked the cookies a bit longer.  They were a bit soft, and tasted not quite as good as usual, probably because I rolled them out much thicker than I do for cookies not on a stick.



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