Girls Weekend at the Beach

One of my husband’s coworkers often sends thoughtful presents for our daughter, so I decided to send her some of my spring cookies.  She and her husband liked them so much that she asked me to do a set for a ladies’ weekend beach getaway.  It was a super rush job, because I was headed out of town the week before her trip.  She originally wanted me to do present cookies for all of her friends, but when I asked her about her trip, I suggested some beachy cookies too. One of her requests was that some of the cookies say “LYLT,” which is short for “love you long time.”

Since it was a rush and the request came on a Sunday, I didn’t have any cutters that I really wanted (like a starfish or flip flop).  I ended up bending my small Easter egg cutter into the shape of a flip flop, a cut off flower for a shell and a heart cutter for a beachy scene.  I really loved the way the heart came out, and think these would be so cute for a lot of different occasions.

The presents gave me fits.  I must have had twenty different attempts at the decorations for those because I wanted it to tie in with the beach theme. The below picture is one of my failed attempts.  I wanted to make it look like shell wrapping paper, but I just couldn’t get it right.  Excuse the poor photo quality!

Another failed gift (below); this one was okay, but still not what I wanted:

I finally settled on these (below) for presents, which is very similar to the inspiration picture our friend showed me.  I didn’t really take a good picture of the presents because I didn’t like them. Maybe next time…


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