Bright Summer Birthday

One of my daughter’s friends celebrated her 5th birthday this summer with a fun outside party.  The birthday girl chose all of the cutters and colors she wanted me to use for her cookies, so it’s a bit of a random set – sunglasses, flip flops, ice cream cones, palm trees and butterflies!

IMG_3286 Eden with butterflies IMG_3295 ice cream sunglasses palm trees IMG_3316 platter close up


LEGO Birthday

During the September birthday season I made a quick set of LEGO cookies for one of my good friends’ sons.  It seems that the cookies that seem the simplest to make always cause me the most trouble.  I ended up hand-cutting the rectangles and squares, and the cookies really didn’t hold their shape – an ongoing problem for me, particularly with sugar cookies.  I realized after I delivered them that I left out an entire stick of butter from the recipe!  I imagine the newly turned six year old didn’t notice. I hope…

IMG_4747 lego with truck

Bluebonnets and Peaches

My awesome mom finally retired this year, and my husband and I threw a retirement party for her.  Yay for free babysitting!

We’re originally from Texas, and my mom loves bluebonnets. so that was an obvious choice for her retirement cookies. I also made a set of peaches to represent the last few years she’s been working in Georgia.  These are all made using the wet on wet technique – the bluebonnet landscapes required a lot of time, but I loved the way they turned out (they looked much better in person).

IMG_4445 bluebonnets TX in middle IMG_4461 bluebonnet landscapes IMG_4464 single landscape IMG_4470 peach TX and landscapepretty good IMG_4440 peaches on wood plate


I made this fun set of luau cookies for a friend of mine hosting a neighborhood party.  I used a new recipe for icing and I really like the way it behaved – I’m not sure if it was the new recipe, or just a good icing icing day, but I’ll take it! The pink was the perfect consistency for writing. IMG_3113 hibiscus pinks on blue plate IMG_3104 luau cookies IMG_3110 hula skirst and shirts better

Not pictured are some mini pineapples, which are harder than they seem – the top gave me lots of issues and I wasn’t satisfied with the way they looked even after three attempts at getting it right.


My mom asked me to make a set of Hanukkah cookies for her boss this year.  I am not geometrically inclined, and it took forever for me to figure out how to do one of the Star of David cookies.  I really enjoyed making this set, and wish I’d had more time to come up with different designs.  I decided to use some Wilton pearl spray to give a pretty silvery sheen to the cookies – they looked lovely in person – not so much in photos.

IMG_0963 Hanukkah IMG_0959 Hanukkah shimmer

Apparently the cookies were well-received.  My mom got this thank you note (excerpted):

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your daughter’s cookies that Mike brought home for Hanukkah.  They were the best cookies ever!  I had every intention of sharing them with the kids until I tasted one and then that went out the window.  She did an amazing job and they are/were delicious.”  High praise, n’est-ce pas?